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Welcome to the site of Nippon Company! 

Nippon Company welcomes you and offers to use our services.

Our business direction is a translation service. Professional interpreters make verbal and writing translation and give interpretation of any complexity. We do notarization of translated documentation in case of need.

Another business direction is giving classes on English, Chinese and Japanese languages. Our teachers are the qualified teachers with language practice in China and Japan. You will not only acquire necessary knowledge and skills under the guidance of them but also discover fascinating culture of studied language.

One more business direction is organization of studying foreign languages abroad in China and Japan. We guarantee good service, free consultation of specialists, individual approach to every client, optimal selection of training program for you or your child, favorable quality-price ratio. As you know learning oriental languages today is an effective investment in future especially for citizens of Buryat Republic.

We'll help you to make the first step to learning foreign culture.

Choose the hyperlink, look through the photos and ask any question that you like - we will answer it with pleasure.

Yours sincerely, the team of Nippon Company.